Ozun, Akhpat, Sanahin
Duration: 4-5 ч
1-3 persons 55.000 AMD
4-7 persons 70.000 AMD
7-20 persons 100.000 AMD
This individual tour includes a visit to some of the most fabulous monasteries of the Aragatsotn region. Stunning architecture and fascinating stories against the backdrop of picturesque nature will not leave you indifferent. First stop is at the Church of St. Mesrop Mashtots, the creator of Armenian alphabet, in Oshakan village where his remains are buried. Then we reach the Karmravor church, which is believed to have been the chapel of one of the princely families of its time. The third stop is at the monastery of Psalms, Saghmosavank, located near the gorge of Kasakh. The last stop is at the Hovhannavank Monastery, which has a rather curious architecture of the 13th century.

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