Garni Temple
Geghard Monastery
25000 AMD
As part of this individual tour, you will discover some of the most popular sights of Armenia. The first stop will be at the Temple of the Sun God Mitra - Garni - the only pagan temple in Armenia. At the next stop, you will be surprised by the splendor of the Geghard monastery complex of the 13th century, partly carved into the rock, included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.
Tsaghkadzor, Tsaghkadzor Ropeway, Sevan Lake, Sevanavank Monastery
40.000 AMD
This individual tour perfectly combines both natural and cultural sights of Armenia. During a stop in Tsakhkadzor, a visit to the Kecharis monastery complex and a cable car to climb the slope of Mount Teghenis, from where a picturesque view of the mountain ranges of the region opens, is planned. Next on the route is a visit to the "blue pearl" of Armenia - Lake Sevan. On the hill of the peninsula, the monastery of Sevanavank is majestically erected, from where an amazing picture of the lake is exposed, shimmering in a palette of blue, emerald and green. Currently, there is also a theological seminary, which is not always open for public visits.
Churches of St. Hripsime and St. Gayane, Etchmiadzin Cathedral, Etchmiadzin Treasure Museum, Zvartnots Temple
30.000 AMD
Saint Hripsime and Saint Gayane churches are two ancient buildings located in Armenia and connected with the history of early Christianity in this country. They are considered as important monuments of Armenian architecture and culture.
The Cathedral of Etchmiadzin, also known as the Main Cathedral of the Holy Almighty, is the national and religious symbol of Armenia.
The cathedral was built in the 4th century on the site where, according to legend, St. Gregory the Illuminator appeared in a vision that showed him the place to found the first Armenian Church. This makes the Cathedral of Etchmiadzin an important center of Armenian Christianity and the place where the Armenian Patriarch sits and performs his religious duties.
The Museum of the Treasure of Etchmiadzin (also known as the Museum of the Cathedral of Echmiadzin) is a unique cultural heritage.
The Museum of the Treasure of Etchmiadzin is a collection of rare artifacts, icons, manuscripts, reliquaries and other valuable items related to the history of the Armenian Church and its religious traditions. Many of these items are of great historical and artistic importance.
Noravank Monastery, Tatev Monastery, Wings of Tatev Ropeway, Hin Areni Winery, Zorats Karer , Medieval Goris Cave Dwellings

95.000 AMD
Tatev Monastery is a symbol of Armenian architecture and culture. It was founded in the 9th century and served as an important spiritual and educational center for many centuries. The main church of the monastery is dedicated to the Holy Mother of God and is a magnificent example of Armenian baptismal architecture.
The Wings of Tatev cable car is a tourist attraction located in Armenia, near the village of Khaleja, near the city of Goris. It is one of the longest and highest cable cars in the world and offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and landscapes.
Khndzoresk is a historical village located in Armenia, in the northern part of the Syunik region, one of the most notable sights of Khndzoresk is a complex of cave dwellings carved into the rocks.
Dilijan town, Yenokavan - active rest in Yell Extreme park

60.000 AMD
Explore some of the most beautiful scenery in Armenia without having to venture far from the capital. This private tour takes you to Dilijan, which is often referred to as "Armenian Switzerland" for its forested landscape. Afterward, head for Yell Extreme Park where you can enjoy ziplining, paragliding, horseback riding, rock climbing, and other activities.
Sightseeing walk- tour around Yerevan

25.000 AMD
We offer you to start your trip to Armenia with a fascinating sightseeing tour of Yerevan, the heart of Armenia. You will find interesting stories about the thousand-year history of the capital along with a tour of architectural monuments (such as the Opera House, the Cascade Complex, the National Assembly Building,Zoravor Surb Astvatsatsin Church,Lovers' Park, Republic Square), as well as the vintage central streets of the city (such as Abovyan St., Mashtots Ave., Baghramyan Ave., North Avenue). The whole city will open to your eyes from the height of the observation deck.

Amberd Fortress, Mount Aragats, Lake Kari

55.000 AMD
On this tour you will visit Amberd, a fortress on the southern slope of Mount Aragats, founded in the 7th century. Next up is Lake Kari at the height of 3250 m on the slopes of Mount Aragats, the highest point of Armenia (4090 m). Up next is the stop for Armenian Dry Fruit production and tasting. Visit Saghmosavank, 13th century Armenian monastic complex, unique due to its frescoes with biblical themes and the perfect harmony with environment – vertical cliffs of Kasakh gorge. There comes the Alley of Armenian Letters (Alphabet Alley), that was built on the slopes of Mount Aragats in honor to the 1600th anniversary of the creation of Armenian alphabet. This monument is unique not only in Armenia, but all around the World.
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